How are the IAS officers .many tips 100% required.By Techno Ganpat

How are the IAS officers
How are the IAS officers
Hello friends, today we will tell you how you can How are the IAS officers. how much education, what to do etc. First of all, you know what is the IAS? The full form of IAS is Indian Administrative Service. Which is called the Indian Administrative Service in Hindi.
So friends talk:-

[1]. Who is the IAS officer?

The people who work in the administration are called the IAS officers. The way the DM works in the district, the same way IAS works. The post of IAS is very respectable, but it is also very difficult to achieve. Everything can be achieved by right direction, passion and hard work.

[2]. Ability

1. The person wishing to become an IAS should be India, Nepal or Bhutan.
2. IAS can be made from Science side, Art side, Commerce or any stream, it is necessary for graduation.
3. For general category students the age should be 21-32 years and students of general category can only take IAS exams 6 times.
4. For OBC category students, there should be upto age of 21-35 years and students of this category can take IAS examination 9 times.5. For SC / ST category students, age should be 21-37 years and students of this category can give this examination as often as they wish.6. Physically disqualified student should be 21 to 42 years old and if the student is from General or OBC category, he can give it 9 times and if the students are from the SC / ST category, Can take the exam.
7. If the student is from Jammu and Kashmir Domicile (Jammu and Kashmir domicile). For those in general category, age limit is 37 years for students of OBC category and 40 for SC / ST and 42 years for SC / ST and 50 years for physically desired students.8. For the physically challenged serviceman and non-duty student, the age limit is 37 years in general category, 38 years for OBC category and 40 years for SC / ST students.

[3]. Examinations for IAS (Exams for IAS)

After completion of graduation you will have to apply for the UPSC exam, which has 3 man exams. Which are as follows:

1. The preliminary exam:-

Preliminary exams contain 2 papers. Both are of 200-200 and both have only four option questions. This examination takes place in July-August. You can not become an IAS officer without clearing this exam. After clearing this exam, there is a second exam, which is called man exam.

2. Main exam :-

Nine papers are to be given in this exam and it is very difficult to pass this exam. This exam takes place in December-January. Many students can not clear this exam. If you want to pass this exam with good marks, then you have to pay more attention to studies, then you will be able to clear this exam. Interview is taken after clearing the man exam.

3. Interview:-

The counseling is done after clearing the preliminary examination and the main exam, in which the selected students are interviewed. This interview is 45 minutes. In the interview, very tricky questions are asked and personality is also given attention. The examination of the IAS is considered to be the hardest in all the examinations of India. To pass it requires excessive effort.

[4]. How to prepare?

For the preparation of IAS, you should read NCERT books from 6 to 12 well. Prepare through letters and magazines. Also note the current affairs. Prepare with UPSC books. If you have a good budget then join coaching. You can also make online preparations.

[5]. Training (training)

Training of IAS takes place in 3 zones. which is like this-

1. Foundation Course:-

In this zone, you have to spend 3 months with the IPS and IFS officers at Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA) in Mussoorie. Here you are given full information from law to administrative.

2. Bharat Darshan:-

In this zone, you get a chance to travel around 9-10 states. In this period, you get a chance to meet many ministers, organizations and people.

3. Phase-1:-

In this zone, after the conviction of Bharat Darshan you come again in LBSNAA. One thing and you can get an opportunity to visit the Parliament House. After coming back, you are given a joining letter by the President, thus you become an IAS officer.

[6]. Pay and allowance:-

The salary of IAS starts from 60,000  to 2.5 lakh and many types of allowances are given. A car is given free of charge for the IAS. Telephone bills and electricity bills are free of IAS officers. If you have to stay in a private area, then the total expenditure is given to the government and many allowances are also given.
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