How to charge the phone? 5 mistakes while charging phone battery.

Hello friends, my name is Ganpat Inkeiya today I am going to tell you how to charge the phone. Yes, when charging your phone, do not make these five mistakes which were mentioned below. You have to know today that there is a digital era today. There are many types of phones available in the market. Many phones are very poor, whose results are very fatal.
Do- not- make- these- 5 mistakes- while- charging -phone -battery
So friends come, know that they are five mistakes?

1-Your phone should always charge with its own charger…

Every mobile battery requires a different rating, volt and amperes. Keeping this in mind, a charger is made. In this case, if you charge a phone from another charger, your phone’s battery may be damaged.
always phone charge with its own charger
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2- Smart Chargers should charge very little for the smartphone…

The phone’s battery should never be charged with fast chargers. Always using a fast charger is not good for the health of your battery. Because the battery is charged when it contains a high voltage. Which increases your battery temperature rapidly and it damages your battery.

3- Never put your phone in charge in the night…

Many people leave their mobile phones in charge at night. Do not do this at all because the phone overheat it.
Never put your phone in charge in the night

4- Avoid using Third Party Battery Apps…

Avoid using third-party battery applications. Most of these smartphones affect the battery negatively. Because they constantly move into the background, aggressively shut down other applications, so that the battery of your mobile is affected.

5- Try charging your smartphone’s battery at least 80%

Whenever you charge your phone, make sure that your battery reaches at least 80% charge. It is not necessary that it should always be reached to the maximum. This increases your battery life significantly.
Yes, friends nowadays get fatal incidents due to the Betrayal, so we should never make these five mistakes charging the phone’s battery. Thanks friends with the next topic.

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