How to delete paytm payment account? Full Guide

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How to delete paytm payment account?

Paytm is a very reputable company and has a reputation for being able to pay a new recharge, or transfer it to a bank transfer. And some of the most important things in this country are also e-commerce. Mujhe personally chose a blog saying, you can not continue with your request.

You will be able to know how to delete the paytm account of in this blog.


How to delete the paytm account permanently?
If you want to permanently delete your account, send an e-mail address to your email, requesting that you submit a new account to your account, regards’ s account.
If you want to be able to email me, you will not be able to continue with your request or if you have any reason why you can mention it. Your account for 2-3 weeks will be deactivated. 
Some more information about deleting a Paytm account :-


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Paytm is a cross-platform application that can be used on your Android and IOS platform. If you want to use your own services from your customers, then you have a website that is and you have a different application, and you have a right to notice that your account is deleted from your account. The  option has not been deleted. If you How to delete paytm payment account, please send an email to us. 

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