How to link Pan card with Aadhar Card? Simple Matods

Link Pan card with Aadhar. If there is a spelling difference between the PAN card and the base, how to link?

Aadhaar number will be mandatory for filling income tax return and PAN card under Section 139A of the Income Tax Act, 1961, which will be effective from July 1. “However, Section 139A of the Income Tax Act also states that filling income tax returns Or PAN card, which has not been considered as a local resident in the Aadhar Act-2013. Learn how-
Pan card
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– The option of linking Aadhar Card and Pan link to the Income Tax Department website has now become active.

Now if you have a spelling pan in your name and will be different in the base, you will still be able to link it.

Link Pan card with Aadhar Card

– Open Income Tax Website First of all.

Clicking on Log In Here, you will be taken to the login page.

Click on the Services tab on top navigation in this page, asking for log in data.

Here you will see the option of Link Aadhaar which will be clicked.

Now, the page that is open in front of you will see another column after the PAN and Aadhaar number columns-

-name as per Aadhaar that is the name written in the Aadhaar card in this column. After this, fill the CAPTCHA code and submit it to the link base Link Aadhaar and submit it.

Here is the answer to that question in which you ask that the name of the name of the PAN card and the base is a spacing difference, how to link the two.

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