What is RAM, how many GB RAM should we buy?

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What is RAM, how many GB RAM should we buy?

We buy all the new smartphones, so many things have to be kept in mind. So let’s tell you what is ultimately what it is used in R and smartphones.What is RAM.

What is
Friends, our smartphones have two memory, the first internal storage which we also know in the name of Rome and the second Ram friends, you know the use of Rome, but the second memory that we call RAM, this memory helps us multitasking This means that we can use more applications together in a phone that has more RAM.
Friends, RAM is like a bus and the higher the bus will be, the more rides will sit in it. In the same way RAM is as big a RAM as possible, you can easily handle as many apps as possible through your mobile.
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And if you are fond of playing games then at least your phone must be 2 GB. Keep in mind that I have told this for at least. And for the rest of the smartphone that uses the normal, the phone with two GB RAM is the best. They do not have to spend money for a phone that has more RAM.

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