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This man sprouts in the heat quilt, sleeps in the cold on ice

This man sprouts in the heat quilt, sleeps in the cold on ice
This man sprouts in the heat quilt, sleeps in the cold on ice

Trending News: - Guys are going to tell you a news such as no one has ever heard or seen. In today you will tell about a man who sleeps on the ice even in the winter, let's know who he is:-

On one hand, there is a lot of heat in most parts of northern India. At the same time a person has become the subject of discussion because of this 3-4 quilting and leaving the quilt. At the same time, even in the winter season this person reverses exactly.

A few kilometers away from Delhi, the man of Mahendragarh district of Haryana says that he feels very cold in the heat. Not only this, between the hot heat, the ceiling keeps on leaving the quilt and sitting near the fireplace.

The person named Santram, who lives in Mahendragarh, finds a cold in the hot sun and in the winter season it seems hot. Not only that, as heat rises for the common people, Santram sleeps with maximum suits at night.

The surrounding villagers say that Santram is doing it since childhood. Santram, who lives in the village of Mahendergarh, lives in the summer of Santram winter and sleeps on the ice and also has snow accounts. In winter, Santram rises at 5 in the morning and takes a bath in the pond and he remains in the water all day. 

Santal's daughter-in-law told that the district administration has also honored Santalal and also helped him. The doctor's team from outside also came and examined him. But there were no results. According to the media report, people know Santalal more than the name of the weather department. Deputy CMO Ashok Kumar said there is no disease in Santalal.

Many doctors believe that they have not seen such a case so far. The medical college is preparing to do research at Santram.    

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