How do you create an account on Paytm? Full Guide

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How do I create a Paytm account from Mobile Phone?

How do you create an account on Paytm
 create an account on Paytm

👉 How do you create an account on Paytm?

Nowadays Paytm Mobile Wallet is becoming very popular. Millions of people have been using it by making their account on Paytm. And having fun sitting at home sitting alone, just fill your water, electricity, gas bill online. Besides, Mobile Recharge, Movies, Train, Flights, etc. are also booked from Tickets Mobile.
Do you also want to make Paytm Mobile Wallet your wallet? Do you also want to pay the same amount of water, electricity, Mobile Recharge, Landline Phone bill, sitting in your home by making an account at Paytm?
If your answer is yes! And you also want to use Paytm as a mobile Wallet. So you have reached the right place. In this tutorial, we will tell you how to make Paytm your wallet?
Friends, To make Paytm your wallet, you have to create a Paytm account first. If you google about creating a Paytm account, you will find dozens of tutorials. But, those tutorials have been made on the computer. So these tutorials become useless for people like you. Because you have to use Paytm on your mobile phone only. So we have prepared this tutorial only on Mobile Phone. If you follow the steps given below, you will easily create a Paytm account on your mobile phone.
Step By Step 
1.First of all you have to install Paytm on your mobile phone. If the Paytm App is already installed on your mobile phone, then there is no need to install it. And, if you do not have a Paytm App, you can download it now from the Play Store.
2.When Paytm is installed on your mobile phone, then open it by taping it on the Home Screen.
3.Now tap the log in at the bottom of the screen.
Paytm Account Dashboard
Paytm Account Dashboard
4.After Tap on log in, this type of screen will open in front of you. From here you can tap on Sign Up.
Paytm Sign Up Page
Paytm Sign Up Page
5.After Tap on Sign Up, you will open an account form on Paytm in front of you. Here you have your Mobile Number, E-mail (if you have made an e-mail account here, write it here or else leave it blank.) And enter a password. When you fill this information, tap the sign up button below.
6.As soon as you tap on Sign Up Button, your Paytm Account will be created. After this, Paytm will send you an OTP – One Time Password to your mobile number. Tap it to Done.
Paytm OTP Enter Page
Paytm OTP Enter Page
7.After putting OTP, Paytm asks for some information about you and In this you have to fill your First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Sex. Tap the Confirm Button to fill this information.
8.Now you have to say aloud, Hurrah! Because you have created a Paytm account.

👉 What have you learned?

In this tutorial, you know how to create a Paytm Account. We told you how to create a Paytm account on mobile phones. We hope that you have also created a Paytm Account as you read it. If your Paytm Account is created. By sending this tutorial to your friends, you must also create a Paytm Account.    

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