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Change Blogger's Title, Description And Address
How To Change Blogger Title Description and Address

 How to change Blogger's title, description and address simple Tips

We started our online blog, knowing how to create blogs and what to do to start a blog.We have a blog that allows us to link our website to another link, but we do not want to make any changes to your blog's name or change it.

  1. Blog address
  2. Blog name
  3. Blog's description

How to change the address, title and description of the blog?

Friends, it is very easy to change them, you just follow me:-

Step 1:-

Login to your Blogger account and go to the dashboard of your blog.

Step 2:-

How to Change Blogger's Title, Description And Address
Blogger Basic Setting Deshboard

  1. Now you have to go to Settings >> Basic of your blog. Here you will see all these options.
  2. To change the title of your blog, first click edit in front of the title option and now you can change your title.
  3. Click to change the description. In the description you have to tell about your blog and it is also very important for search engines.When someone searches the blog on Google, it looks like this description. It is also very important for the SEO.     
  4. To change the blog address, click on edit in front of it and save your new address.

If yes, friends, if you do not understand our post, tell us by comment, then we will go now with the next topic  

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