Learn how to Create Gmail account? | With these 6 easy steps

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Learn how to add Gmail account? | With these 6 easy steps [2018-19]

how to Create Gmail account
how to Create Gmail account
So before starting my friends, let me tell you about Gmail, what is Gmail, and how does it benefit us. Gmail is a free, advertising-supported email service that is provided by Google, from which we may also be able to send our message (web mail) from one city to another or from one country to another, and its We do not even have to spend 1 rupee. You need to wait a bit more for Gmail and you will have to know about Gmail.

👉 When Gmail Born? (When was Gmail born and who did it)

Gmail started beta-release on April 1, 2004, with an invitation, but coming to the general public, it took 3 years to officially visit Gmail on February 7, 2007 and upgraded on July 7, 2009. I came to Google Play as an app. Gmail’s Google’s Parent’s Value Google’s Invention of Gmail.

👉 When Google Born? (When Google was born, we started using Gmail Pe Account here.

Google was born on September 4, 1998, in “Menlo Park California” and it was made by 2 people, the first name is Larry Page and the second name Sergey Brin is both the founder of Google. Google’s Headquarters “Googleplex, Mountain View, California, U.S. I am 2016 today and google has been in the world for 18 years and the new CEO of google is Indian, his name is Sunder Pichai (Active 2015).

Why is Gmail different from this account? By creating an account from Google like creating an account on gmail, we can use all of google’s product like “google +, google play, blogger, analytics, webmaster and my favorite google adsense” now let us learn that Gmail account .

👉 How to Create an Account on Gmail 2018-19 Tips and Tricks?

Step 1. First of all, if you do not type “gmail.com” in google searches then you can also click on here and go to gmail’s website.

Step 2. When you go to gmail.com on Google’s official website, you will see an option to enter an email id. Now if you do not have an ID then you can create a new gmail account. “And click on” Continue “.

Step 3. When you click on the create account, the next page comes in a little bit detail which I have shown in the pic, you can fill in the details by looking at it.

Name:-     Enter your real name and last name too
Choose your username:-    Choose your own user name which you would like to be good for example technoganpat.in@gmail.com
Create a password:-  Enter your own password entered and password must be at least 8 characters
Confirm your password:-   Repeat your password that you entered earlier
Birthday:-   Put your date of birth
Gender:-  Enter your gender if you are male or female
Mobile phone:-   Enter your mobile number, a verification code will appear on your phone so that Google will verify your account.
Location:-  choose your location

Next step:- When you fill out all this detail, click on the button next to the next step and continue. This was some detail so that you can learn how to create an account on Gmail now next step.

Step 4. In the first google what used to be the form of your detail, I had put a button to “i agree” but in 2016, Google brought more features inside it and removed the option of i agree with the box of detail but this meant that Not that you do not have to click on the “i agree” button, Google sends the button i agree with the next step main, when you click on the button next to the next step, then you will see the box “i agree”, then you will see i Click on agree to continue.

Step 5. Now Google will speak to you for mobile number verification, then click on the button that says “continue”.

When you click on the Continue button, in your phone the google verification code will appear, then you enter that code and click on the Continue button to verify your gmail account.

Step 6. When you click the i agree button, you will see some messages, you will see a “next step” on the top of the gmail product, click on it when you go 2, 3 times next step If you click on the button, you will have a WELCOME message like this “Thanks for creating a Google Account” then you click on “Continue to Gmail”.

When you click on Continue to Gmail, your account is being created and after that nothing is to mail to your friends and family on Gmail.

I hope how to create an account on Gmail Now you have learned the whole way and can create your own personal account. If you have enjoyed reading this article, please share it on social media, please share one of our shares to help improve our site. 
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