How to increase traffic to your new blog ? Full Information

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How to increase traffic to your new blog
Increase Traffic Your Blog

 How to increase traffic to your new blog ?

Friends Many new bloggers just leave blogging because their blog does not show any kind of traffic.While many bloggers have come to me that they had started blogging long ago, but so far no traffic on their blog is available.
 Why? Because they do not follow some tips that new bloggers should follow to get Traffic to their blog.

How can a Blogger find Traffic at its new blog?

It is difficult but there are many ways to get Traffic in the new Blog, the most important factor in this is Factor Network. Because the larger your network, the more you will get Traffic.Right Friends is the best way to build a network for your blog. Connect with other people with the help of Facebook and Twitter.Friends Do you know why I am just talking about these two websites, because it is very easy to follow other bloggers through these Social Media Websites, and through them we can easily connect with so many people. And you can get lots of traffic to your new blog.
 How To Get Traffic To A New Blog ?? How to Find Traffic in a New Blog?
Friends If you want to get lots of traffic in your new blog, then follow these methods below.
1.Blog Comments: Comment on Top Blogs.
Friends can definitely comment on similar blogs from your blog and if you can, then become one of the first 5 people to comment.
Tips:- Also subscribe to Top Blog Techno Ganpat……..
Friends do not just need to comment, but read their full posts and after reading them express their thoughts by comment.  
Friends If you want to get daily traffic on your blog then this method will be the best for you.If you want to find similar blogs related to your Blog, just open Google. And type “What is your Blog + Blog” mean if your blog is for SEO or Blogging then you write like this – “Blogging + SEO” In this way, you can find Top Blogs and comment on their website. 


2. Create a network with others using Facebook and Twitter.
  FACEBOOK:-   If I talk about my blog then the most traffic on my blog comes from Facebook. So Friends do not ignore Facebook at all.Yes, at the beginning you may find it difficult, but when you will promote your content and when others start to know, you will find it very easy.
TWITTER:- In Friends Twitter, you should follow the Top Bloggers and their Followers on your blog. This is the best and effective way to increase targeted followers. And once you do this you will do it. Then you tweet your new articles blog post and ask other bloggers to retweet their posts.


3. Video Marketing: 
 Create a 2 minute video of your blog and add the link of your blog to the beginning of the video.And then submit it to You tube and Metacafe.You can use the Screen Software to create a video.
4. Spend Time on Writing Detailed Articles:
Spend your time writing detailed articles. Friends High Traffic and Quality Traffic can not be found without effort.
You need to change yourself to become successful. Yes but writing quality content takes time. I agree but you should not spend your full time writing just about normal and Average 600 words. Rather, you should put an information-rich Detailed post that has more than 1000 or 1500 words in it. But if you do not have a full time blogger like me then you should definitely try to write a detailed post at least once a month. So that you can attract more attention to other people and show your blogging expertise to the people.
Friends Always try to write Killer posts so that you can overtake your competitors, be sure to help you get a lot of quality traffic from other websites and search engines.

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