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How to Report Facebook Fake Account|| Fake Account Delete – Techno Ganpat

report facbook fake account
Facebook Fake Account


Friends, today in this post, I will tell you How to Report Face book Fake Account, let friends know
You will know how many Fake Accounts are made on Facebook, and you may be exposed to a Fake facebook account or someone has left a fake account with your name or someone else’s name, so let’s get started. Fake Account Report and delete it. If you have a password for your account, then you can easily delete the Facebook account, but if you do not know what the account angle is using, then I will tell you in the way.
If you see any Fake Account, then you must report it so that they can not misuse the account … Most of the fake fake accounts are created in the name of girls and the wrong post is shared on it, and by the name of the girl Or the person whose photo has been installed can fall in Deficult.

How to Fake Facebook Account Report

 😃First you have to login to your Facebook account.
 😏Open the profile of any fake account,
 😙After going to profile, you have to check that the report is where the option is, you have to click on the report’s option.
😣After clicking on the report, you will get 4 options in front of you, you have to click on report this profile.
😤After this, you have to give reasons why you are reporting this account, then you have to click on the reason for which you are reporting its account.
😡After giving the reason, submit to facebook to review. And there is a continuation.
😮Just your work has been completed. Now after some time Facebook will get rid of her id.
After reporting the fake account, the facebook team checks it, and if they are fake, then they are made, and if they do not see the society after seeing the account, the account is fake or original. That ID goes to ID proof for a proof.
If the account has been verified by the Facebook account, then the account will not be deleted even if there are any reports.
Note: If you are thinking of deleting an original ID in this way, it will not be so, the account of the Q will be checked before deletion. And if you incorrectly report an account, then your account will also fake account can be considered.
Hopefully now you will have gone to the society how to delete them by facebook fake account report, but if you have any strength then you can comment and cure.


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