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Secret of success – A Story 

Secret of Success a story
Secret of Success

From the struggle, our roots are strong. Once a young man struggled - he did many years but he could not get success. He became very disappointed, and negative thoughts surrounded him. He lost hope so much that he decided to commit suicide. He went to the forest and was going to commit suicide that suddenly a saint saw him. Saints told him - what is the matter, what are you doing in this dense forest? The young man replied - I am tired of struggling in life and I have come to commit suicide to destroy my worthless life. The saints asked how long have you been struggling? The young man said, "I am almost two years old, I have neither got a job nor can I succeed in any exam."

Saint said - You will also get a job and you will be successful too. Do not be frustrated, try a few more days. The young man said - I am not qualified for any work, now nothing will happen to me. When the saint saw that the young man had completely lost his courage, he told him a story. "Once God planted two plants, one bamboo, and one fern (with leaves). In a fern plant, the leaves came out in a few days. And the fern plant grew significantly in one year but nothing happened in the bamboo plant throughout the year. But God did not disappoint. In the second year nothing happened in the bamboo plant. But the fern plant grew further God has not yet shown frustration In the third year and fourth year, the bamboo plant remained the same, but the fern plant grew bigger. God was not disappointed. Then a few days later, the bamboo tree grew very high in a few days after the bud sprouted and saw.

The bamboo tree took four or five years to strengthen its roots. Saints told the young man - that this is your time of struggle, it is time to strengthen your roots. You do not understand this time in vain and do not be disappointed. As soon as your roots are strong, mature, all your problems will be diagnosed. You will flourish and grow, will be successful and touch the height of the sky. Do not compare yourself with other people. Do not lose confidence. When the time comes, you will become very much like a bamboo tree. Reach the power of success The matter came to the understanding of the young man and he went on the path of struggle again. Friends, the roots of the fern plant are very weak, which is crushed with a slight wind. And the roots of the bamboo tree are so strong that even a big storm can not move it. So, friends are not afraid of conflict.

Keep working hard and make your roots so strong that big trouble, difficult difficult situations can not weaken your intentions and prevent you from moving forward. Do not compare yourself with anyone, keep on increasing your goals with positive thinking and self-confidence. You will definitely succeed and you will see the glory of the sky.

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