How to use whatsapp 5 Tips

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How to use whatsapp 5 tips || 5 tips for use whatsapp

Friends, today we will tell you how to use whatsapp i.e. this toppic has been told about 5 tips for use whatsapp.
how to use whatsapp
Whatsapp use tips
We have brought these five tricks for you, with the help of which you can manipulate the whatsapp. A few people know about these methods. Hope this will be helpful for you too.
Whatsapp is the world’s most popular and useful mobile message application. But during its use, at a level you always fight with its side effects and many times this mechanical app wins you. Now its addiction is such that it can not be left, but some problems are such that the mind gets depressed. That’s why we have brought these five tricks for you, with the help of which you can manipulate the whatsapp and avoid being victim of its flaws. A few people know about these methods. Hope this will be helpful for you too.
1. The Last Season Hideaway Door
You read some people’s messages offline because there is a fear of ‘blue tick’. There is a way to get rid of this fear. Download the application called ‘Hide status’ for Android users from Playstore. After you install this app, whenever you open Whatsapp, your WiFi and mobile data connection will be closed automatically. As soon as you come out of whatsapp, your Internet will start running again.

2. Who is Ignore Group

The concept of Blue Tick has not come in the whatsapp group. Now there is only a single tick arrangement here. That is, in the group, it is not known who has read your message and despite this Ignore is doing it. So his method is inbuilt in whatsapp, but few people know about it. If you keep your message sent in the group by finger pressing it will be selected. With this, an i button (i) will appear on top. Click on it, you will know which members of the group have read your message and who do not. Identify the ignorants and then do the trunk. They will be shocked too.
3. Do not go to the photos gallery of whatsapp
People send photos of whatsapp, many of which deserve to be deleted. Many times it also contains private photos. If you want you can make such arrangements that photos of the whatsapp are not saved in your Gallery folder. Android users need to create a .nomedia file for this in a folder with WhatsApp’s images or videos. For this you will need a file explorer, such as ES File Explorer. Inside you go to the images or videos folder. Click on the new button on the bottom left, select the file and create a new file, named, .nomedia After this, photos of whatsapp will not be saved in your gallery.
4. Number is closed but whatsapp is on
You can change your whatsapp Number at any time. You do not need to delete and then install whatsapp. Go to ‘Settings’ in Whiteship. Then in ‘Account’ and then in ‘Change Number’ Just verify it by adding a new number. Remember that the number of whatsapp is the number of displays. You can also use a ‘switched off’ number for whatsapp. This work is a trick for girls in this period. The number you verify with whatsapp, then close that number later. Once verification, whatsapp does not see whether the number is operational or not. Then run your net with the second number and use the whatsapp. Everyone will be your oldest number of displays. If someone calls on them then the phone will stop. This is extremely useful for those girls who do not want to give their numbers to friends of the virtual world so fast, but do not care about talking on whatsapp. If a boy asks for a number, tell him the number of switched off and find out the contents of the envelope for a few days’ whatsapp chat.
5. Who is your whatsapp Friend

If you have an interest in your data then you will love it. There is an application whatsapp With this help you can see the complete accounting of your chatting on whatsapp. For instance, what is your top friend or top group, or during which time you are most active on the whatsapp, or how many percent of your messages are left to deliver, etc., etc.

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