How To Increase Speed Of Android Mobile – Important Tips

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How To Increase Speed Of Android Mobile – Important Tips।।Techno Ganpat

Android Phone Speed Increase
Android Phone Speed Increase
Friends In today’s multimedia era, the adroid phone is not less than any computer, we need to keep many apps such as Facebook, Tutor, YouTube, Messenger and games and much more.
These phones tend to slow or hang out.
If your mobile phone is hanging on a slow or repeatedly, you have a lot of trouble, sometimes it is time to change the mobile. But now you will not need to panic or change your handset because some of the most important tips we bring you can increase your phone speed
These are basic tips
1. Uninstall apps that you do not use.
2. Clear the data of the app.
3. Stay away from animations, widgets and live wallpapers.
4. Reset the last resort factory.
If you want to fasten your animation and are fond of gaming, then there is also an advanced way of fasting your phone.
U do developer turn on
Developer turning does not have an automatic default on Android phones. This is an advanced feature option and you can turn it on in your phone. Follow the steps below for this –
1. Go to Phone Settings
2. Choose About Options with Phone
3. Here you will see the option of Build number, which you have to tap seven consecutive times.
Now your developer twist will be unlocked and you will start appearing in the settings. With this help, you can choose many more options.
Enhanced animation speed
In the Developer Mode, you will get the option of Window Animation scale, transition animation duration scale and animator duration scale. The left default is set to 1x. You set it to 5x also. This will double the speed of your animation. If not needed, you can set it to 1x because this phone reduces battery backup.
So friends, we can Increase Speed Of Android Mobile. If friends look good then share.

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