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Top 10 Amazing Website

Top 10 amazing website
Top 10 amazing website
Nowadays we have become a different world of internet in the world. 1000+ new websites today we saw top 10 amazing website are created daily on the internet The website, like Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram etc., is very popular, so many people do not know many websites. But there are some websites that you hardly know about. If you look at this website, then you will go to the square that there is such a website.Friends, today we know about the top 10 amazing website that you probably do not know about let’s go.

1) Pointer pointer (top 10 amazing website)

Friends, this is a unique website, as the creator of this website has created millions of photos. When you open this website, you will open the page of black color. You will see a rectangle box. If you take your mouse pointer on anything in that box, you will see an image. In which any person’s finger (finger) will be speaking like your pointer. In fact, the person who created this website would really be genius. Click here to visit this website.
2) Essay typer( top 10 amazing website)
This website is best for the student because you can write any essay about this website. When you open this website, a simple little page will open. There you oh no, it’s finals weak and i have to finish my american civil war essay immediately “. “Pencil” will be the icon. You write the essence of the American civil war instead of writing the essay, then you will have the icon of “pencil” click on it. Now start writing about what you want to write about, write anything, whatever means come to your mind. Write, when you start writing, what you are writing will not come, but this website writes a essay on your subject which is 100% grammatically. If you are a student, then definitely try this website, as you can write essay on any topic in just 5 minutes. Click here to visit this website.
3) Zoom quilt
If you drag any photo from your mobile, computer camera, it zooms to a certain extent but if you go to this website then the image of this website will zoom so much that you will feel that you are lining in a roller coaster Ho. Click here to visit this website.
4) Scale of universe
If you are interested in physics or the universe, then this website will be very much like you. You might have come to some idea about the heading of what will happen in this website. In Scale of universe, you tell the small things of this universe and the scale of the big things in the world. There is also a scroll in this website. If we leave this scroll to the left side then you will start seeing a small thing and if you right-side this scroll, you will see bigger things. Click here to visit this website.
5) Google NCR
When you open Google, you see a small India written under Google, it means that Google is using the search engines of India. In the same way out country google wrote google google, but if you have to run Google without restriction, you can run click here
6) Old
You must use a computer or mobile. When the company adds some new features to the application or software, then they inform the user that the new update has come. So we update them but sometimes it happens that we do not like the update application or the software and say that it was a good old version. Friends, today you can download the old version of your application or software in any mobile or computer with the help of this website. Click here to visit this website.
7) Virus total
This is a very helpful website, which can have antivirus on its own computer, why it is an online virus scanner. You can know the virus in any file existing in your computer. Click here to visit this website.
8) Simply noise
This is a website where you will find many types of sounds in audio format in very different ways. As you can hear the sound of the rain, the crying sound of the child or the sound of the bird. It is very easy to do this website. Click here to visit this website.

This website is such that where you will find anything you can get manual and you can download it from here. By giving example, if you have brought an air conditioner but lost its user manual, you can download manual by searching the air conditioner in this website, that is, you can see here which product is used. . Click here to visit this website.
10) Account killer
This is a website where you can delete the account in any way, such as facebook, gmail, instagram, twitter, whats app, tumbler, skype. You can delete any account of any kind if you If you want to delete your account then Click here to visit this website.
Friends, how do you know the details of this website? These top 10 amazing website . If you have any problems then you can definitely ask by commenting.
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