add social media network buttons to the blog post

Top 4 website which is used to add social media network buttons to the blog post


Top 4 website which is used to add social media network buttons to the blog post
Hello friends, today I’m going to tell you the top 4 social share button’s website, through which you can easily add social share buttons to your blog.
1) Add this
Add this You may have heard of this website’s name, you can use it in the tool’s us free. From this website, you can add html code of share button, follow button and related post button to your blogger blog. So, let us first know how to create an account and how to add it to the Usse website blog.
How to create an account on this website?
Step 1: – First of all, you can click here to go to this website. You will have 3 options on there. “Continue with google”, “continue with facebook” & “continue with twitter” you can select any of these.
Step 2: – Now you will have a lot of tools to create an account, select from them what you want (you can select only one now).
We select the social share button and go ahead.
Step 3: – Now you will see a page of “select a tool type”, select any style from which you want to tool, click continue and click continue.
Step 4: – Now whatever you want to do in your position, share couture, social network, design, advanced option, click on save and continue.
Step 5: – Now you will get the html code, please copy the HTML code to your blog, whatever website means blogger, wordpress, tumbler, shopify, magento and clicking on it.
If you have created a blog on Blogger, you can add the tool by following the steps below.
Now go to your blog and click on the theme >> html >> and press Ctrl + F </ body>. Now you paste the code copied above </ body> and click on the save theme in the last do it. You can see in the screen shot below.
Now by following this process, you can add the follow button and the html code of the related posts to your blog.
2) Share this
Friends, Share this website is also like add this website. Friends, How to Share Share Buttons from Share This Website. know in details.
Step 1: – First of all, you go to share this website. …. and click the get share button.
Step 2: – Now you have 2 options. Inline button (Share button will come in your blog post) and sticky button (Share button will come in the side of your blog) Select what you need.
Step 3: – Select any social share button you want to add to your blog.
Step 4: – Now whatever button you like, add or remove, alignment, button size, button label and corner setting.
Step 5: – Now when you are finished setting, click on register and get code
Step 6: – Now create your account by typing your blog name, email address and password here. After that you will get access to the new page. . There you can follow the point given below.
1: – Go to the first code in your blog me jaakr >> theme >> edit html and paste it in the section below “<head>”.

2: – Paste the second code where you want this share button.
3) Shareaholic
Friends, Shareaholic is the same as add this but its share button buttons are slightly different. There is also more button in addition to this website like Social Follow. So, know how to create an account in friends, shareholic.
Step 1: – First of all, you can go to the shareaholic’s website and click on “Add shareaholic to your website to get started”.
Step 2: – Now you create an account by typing an email address and password.
Step 3: – Now you can search by clicking the “add website” in the new page, typing the name of the blog.


Step 4: – Now click on any website that is on your blog and click continue. Now you will find the html code in the new page, copy it.
Step 5: – In the screenshot “setup instruction for” in the screenshot, click on any website you have a blog. Then click on “view instillation instruction” You can get this html code from how you add it to your blog.
4) Addtoany
This is the best stock widget website, why you do not need to do much more.
Step 1: – Open your blog first in Google Chrome.
Step 2: – You can click here to go to addtoany website.
Step 3: – When the website page opens, click on “get the share button”, select the blog on which your blog is on it. Now in the new page “install blogger widget” you will see that click
Step 4: – Now your share widget will be added to Blogger, click add widget. You will now be redirected directly to Blogger. Now just click on the save arrangement.
So, friends, you read Top 4 website which is used to add social media network buttons to the blog post. how do you take these top 4 websites to tell us a comment? To get notifications in our new article and story Facebook, please like our Facebook page.
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