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What are Cuelinks and how to earn money from it

Friends, if you have a blog or a website, and you have to earn by blog or website then you will find many advertising websites such as Google AdSence, Infolinks, addcash, addnow, media.net, taboola, cuelinks..etc .Google AdSence and taboola are the most used, but it is difficult to approve it on the website.
It is easy to earn money with Cuelinks. If you are a new blogger then your affiliate marketing word will be heard. He wants that his earning blog starts only in 10-15 days of starting, so let me tell you that it is possible through Cuelinks. Right now, I’m going to tell you about Cuelinks advertising, the advertisement of Cuelinks is quite good (you can see in this webpage right now, it’s an advertisement for cuelinks)

What are Cuelinks

Cuelinks is a content monetization network. When you create your account on Cuelinks, you will get a JavaScript code. You have to place that code in your blog. This JavaScript code is automatically converted to affiliate marketing link. When a visitor comes to your blog and he enjoys the product of Cuelinks, he buys it. The commission that he gets, he gets us.

Cuelinks is an affiliate marketing program, so to speak in a word. Even if you have not approved Google Adsence yet, you can still use Cuelinks. But if google adsence is approved from your website, then you can still advertise Cuelinks on your blog or website. You can use Google adsence and Cuelinks together. Affiliate marketing is much better than google adsence, as we do not fear the fear of any invalid click on this.
Cuelinks is great for Indian blogger. On cuelinks, you have to first create your account and approve your website or blog. You will be able to take a maximum of 10 minutes to do the settings of Cuelinks. Its biggest benefit is that the approval of the cuelinks is available within 24 hours.
How does Cuelinks all in one affiliate program?
If you see, you will find many affiliate programming, such as amazon, filpkard, jabong..etc. But these Cuelinks websites earn all merchant websites from the product of merchant websites like Airtel, Amazon India, Agoda, AirAsia, BabyOye, Chumbak, Dominos, eBay India, Flipkart, Freecharge, FabIndia, Jabong, Shopclues, Snapdeal.
Some essential things: –
I applied Cuelinks’s account with 48 post & less than 50 visitor. So you can understand That’s why your traffic low is also easily approve.
The minimum payment is 500 INR in Cuelinks.
75% of publishers while distributing Cuelinks and 25% owns the money themselves.
 Google adsense has a term & condition similar to that in Cuelinks also there is a term & condition, which will be reported when you create an account.
How to create your account on the Cuelinks website?
Step 1: – First of all, go to the website of Cuelinks. You can also go by clicking on the photo below.

Click Hare

Step 2: – If you click on sign up, you will see a photo like the one below, fill in your details and click on sign up.
What are Cuelinks and how to earn money
What are Cuelinks and how to earn money
first name – write your name.
last name- Write your sirname.
Email: – Write your email id.
Password: – Write a password here.
mobile number: – Write your mobile number here.
Company name: – Write the name of your blog here.
Domain name: – Write your blog’s URL here.
Last click on sign up.

Step 3: – Now you will receive an email from Cuelinks, in that email you will get confirmation option, click on it. Friends, your account has been created on Cuelinks.
Step 4: – You will receive an email within 24 hours, whether your account has been approved or not. If your account is approved, then go back to the Cuelinks website and login with your email address and password.
Now you have to make JavaScript code. Now click on the dashboard >> add widget There will be a page like a screen shot like the one below.
1. Widget Name: – Here you can type any name. I would suggest that the place where you want to paste the code, write that place so that you are easy to keep. . Ex: – header, footer, right at the top, square footer, middle of post ..
What are Cuelinks and how to earn money  2
What are Cuelinks and how to earn money 2
2. Type of widgets: – Select the photo you want here or a code like Recharge coupon.
3. Categories: – Here you can select the type of products you want.
4. Number of product: – Select how many products you want to show.
5. widget size: – Select your size.
Last click on generate. Now you get the JavaScript code and copy it.
How to add Java script code to Blogger blog?
This is the code you copied. You need to add blogger >> layout >> jes place to add this, there will be an option of add widget >> click html / javascript and paste it there. If you are not able to properly add java script to Blogger, then you can add this java script code to the blog by reading how to add this article -html / java script to a blogger blog.
Now you can add as many add-ons as you like, but let me tell you that no more than 5 java script can add to your blog.
What is cueword?
In any blog post you write, the keyword is converted into a link. Which will also be added to your blog and will also be available in the Usaki space. You can get a JavaScript code after you click on cuelink dashboard >> add cueword to cueword on. Copy it to Blogger’s dashboard >> layout >> add widget >> html / JavaScript and paste it there (remember nothing is written in the name option).
What is the cuelinks Refer And Earn program?
Here cuelinks gives you another great way to earn money. If you ask someone else to earn an account by earning cuelinks, if the person created the account, then you will get 25% of his earning, without doing anything.
By opening the website of cuelinks for this, click on Refer & earn. Now you will see a link, copy it and share it. Now the person will make an account through that link and you will get 25% of the money you earn.
How much and how much money can get from cuelinks. : – When you earn 500 INR, you can withdraw easily or transfer to the bank. You can withdraw it after the transfer has taken place in the bank.
So friends, you may have come to know how to earn money from cuelinks. If you are using cuelinks, share your experience with us. If you have any problems then you can definitely ask by commenting and want to know about our new article article, then you can also like our Facebook page.

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