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What is Paytm Wallet? How to use Paytm from?

Paytm whose full name is “Pay through Mobile”. (Did you know this?) Is an Indian Electronic Payment Company. Founder of Paytm is Mr. “Vijay Shekhar Sharma”. Paytm was Launched as an Online Mobile Recharge Website by its parent company (owner) “One97 Communication Limited” in August 2010. But today, Paytm has become a Payment Bank.The  facility is also provided by Paytm. Through which you can do tasks like Online Recharge, Bill Payments, Ticket Booking, sitting in the house sitting in minutes.
The best medium of digitizing Payment is becoming a Paytm Mobile Wallet. Those who have Smartphones, they will be familiar with Paytm Mobile Wallet. And will be using Paytm. If you also have smartphones And now you have not used Paytm , then after reading this lesson, start using Paytm Mobile Wallet, and pay the same as Paytm Mobile Wallet. And Make Your Life Cashless. But, what is the Paytm Mobile Wallet? Will you have the same question in your mind? So, let us silence this curiosity and tell you what are these Paytm Mobile Wallet?
What is Paytm Wallet?
Friends, in simple words, Paytm, also called E-wallets, is an App. This app works like our wallet. Simply, the difference is that money is physically kept in the wallet. And Money in Paytm Mobile Wallet remains Digitally Save. We can easily use this Mobile Wallet to pay for the work of Shopper, Milk, Electricity Bill, Mobile Recharge etc. Paytm Mobile Wallet keeps us free of cash. Paytm is available for almost every Mobile Platform (Operating System). You can download and install Paytm  from Google Play Store for Android Phone.


If you use any other Mobile Platform, This mobile Wallet is also available to them. You can download Paytm  from Windows Store for Windows Phone. And for iPhones you can download Mobile Wallet from iTune.


How do I create a Paytm account from Mobile Phone?
Nowadays Paytm Mobile Wallet is becoming very popular. Millions of people have been using it by making their account on Paytm. And having fun sitting at home sitting alone, just fill your water, electricity, gas bill online. Besides, Mobile Recharge, Movies, Train, Flights, etc. are also booked from Tickets Mobile.

Do you also want to make Paytm Mobile Wallet your wallet? Do you also want to pay the same amount of water, electricity, Mobile Recharge, Landline Phone bill, sitting in your home by making an account at Paytm?

If your answer is yes! And you also want to use Paytm as a mobile Wallet. So you have reached the right place. In this tutorial, we will tell you how to make Paytm your wallet?

Friends, To make Paytm your wallet, you have to create a Paytm account first. If you google about creating a Paytm account, you will find dozens of tutorials. But, those tutorials have been made on the computer.

So these tutorials become useless for people like you. Because you have to use Paytm on your mobile phone only. So we have prepared this tutorial only on Mobile Phone. If you follow the steps given below, you will easily create a Paytm Account on your mobile phone.

Use of Paytm 
You can use Paytm  to pay for more than a dozen services. We have explained below some of the general usage of Paytm in detail.
1. Payment and payment by Paytm
Through Paytm you can get payments from your friends, customers. And you can also send money to your friends. Apart from this, you can also pay for online taxi services such as Uber, Meru, Jugnoo etc.
2. Paying Online Recharge and Bills from Paytm
You can recharge your prepaid mobile online through Paytm Mobile Wallet. And you can also pay Bills of Postpaid Mobile like Airtel, BSNL, Reliance, Tata, MTS, Vodafone, Ides. Apart from this, you can repay the DTH Recharge, electricity bill, gas bill, water bill through Paytm also.
3. Ticket Booking
By Paytm you can book online booking of Flight Ticket, Train Ticket, Bus Ticket. And the ticket of your favorite movies can also be booked by Paytm.
4. Online Shopping
You can easily shop online for yourself via Paytm. You can do Top Selling Products at Shopping Paytm. Users are also given huge discounts on Paytm.
5. Send money from Bank to Paytm
With Paytm you can send money from your Paytm  to all the major banks in your bank account. And you can easily transfer money to your friends’ bank accounts too.

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