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Great post remove this limitation from blogger... Table of contents are the good way to navigate visitors through a single page to their required post. Good work, keep sharing. Regards, Divya @smtutorial i want table of contents only for a selected label.. plz help Please help me my sitemap does not appear and just one link appears gt this widget and that takes me to your site I tried everything and its always blank even with new posts? How can i add a category ?? It works! Thank you so much! :) Though this concept works-I just use an rss widget with a slider to show my most recent posts And a search at the top-I get amazing #'s of page views that way. Hi, can you please explain how exactly you achieve that? (step by step idiot proof instructions) Many thanks Wow, what a smart and cool feature! Thank you, using it now as well! not wroking on my site, shows nothing, what to do?? first, it works, but not at all later, i don't know why ? This works.. but i realized if you use many labels in a post it will also listed multiple times in sitemap. Is there other way to limit it? @kelsey Having same problem. Is there a way to only show specific labels in this? I'm thinking of putting it into an Author Page to show only their articles rather than a sidebar widget. If there is a different way to accomplish that can you advise? TIA Hey! I tried to do this to my blog, but I am getting an empty page instead. When I tried without replacing your page's url (, I got your blog's sitemap as the result. Can you help me to fix it? @Vibhu you must replace "" with your own blog url... :D Awesome not working for me bro its just blank post after publish Nice! I love it.. Do I need to show it in the menu o just make it invisible? Excellent! Only one of the many that I have tried! Thank you very much Sir! Bro Not Working......... Hello! THANK YOU very much!! works perfectely ! I've been searching so long to do EXACTELY that. it didn't work for me.. :( Sorry to inform that, maybe it's no longer working. Something could be changed that's why the code doesn't work at all :( Is there any update please? May be the problem is with your tagging or customized template. It worked fine for me though I write in my own native language as here - I have Tried for my blog Referguru Thanks for your Hellp Not working for me either :( Is it because I'm using s Dynamic template? Hello ! Why it does' nt work on my blog ! It as just worked at the beginning and after there is nothing link on the page ? Help please, Thanks a lot for your replay Delete the text that you copied from the original site. Copy it again from original site and paste it back. Make any modification you want and then update one time. If you want to make more modification it will not work you will have to go back delete everything and start again from original source, modify as you wish and update. Updating twice makes it not show. its not working on my blog @ Tiger Qasim Make sure that you select the HTML pan/editor not the compose pan and past it inside. I noticed that this sitemap only capture Labels, Please how can I make my posts (and pages) appear just like the sitemap you created here? because is not all the post that i labeled as a result I only see the labels only. don't work man( Is there anyway to only list selected labels? Recent posts 16 Quick and Easy Tips to Increase AdSense CPC 7 Legit Ways To Make Money Online Blogging in 2017 20 Best Sites with High Quality Free Stock Photos How to Use AdSense Custom Channels to Increase RPM How to Create a Blogger Account? Subscribe to our Email Newsletter Enter your email address...

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