7 High-Protein Foods To Eat Daily

High-protein Foods are helpful for people who to shed weight and build muscle. Here are some of the best foods rich in proteins which are low in calories too.

One of the most well-known sources of protein., egg is relatively low in calories too. There are a number of recipes with egg you can try everyday.


If You're looking for vegetarian protein rich foods. If Doesn't get better than this. Paneer has just 98 calories and provides 11gms of protein in a 100gm serving.


Another fish that can add protein to the diet, without disturbing calories count is salmon. Depending on variety a 100gms of it provides between 18 to 25gm of protein.


Lentils are edible legumes that are very popular sources of protein among vegetarians. Lentils are extremely low in calories and can be cooked in multiple ways.


Popular dairy product curd is also a great option for those watching their weight. A 100gm portion contains 11gm of protein and just 98 calories.


If you need some healthy vegetables to accompany your meal, spinach should be your first choice! The powerful raw vegetable is low in calories and high on protein.


Apart from being versatile, peas also contain significant quantities of protein in them . Incorporate it in salads, curries or even Pulaos and Paranthas.