Janhvi Kapoor Hairstyles We Love

Center Parted Hairstyle

As Janhvi Kapoor face shape is oblong, the center-parted hairstyle totally defines her oblong face shape features.

High Ponytail

Ponytails never seem to go out of fashion, especially when diva Janhvi Kapoor slays them. 

Center Parted Curl

All Janhvi Kapoor fans in the house, you must have seen her movie “Roohi.”  

Side Parted Straight Voluminous Hair

Janhvi Kapoor never fails to amaze us with her beautiful hairstyles.  

Low Bun

Janhvi Kapoor knows how to style her long hair in a low bun. She wore an ethnic outfit that is fair to the bun as low buns look best when wearing traditional.

Low Ponytail with Bang

Janhvi Kapoor hair colour and her amazing dress are what all keep staring at. 

Half Tie

As jolly as she is, Janhvi Kapoor keeps making a fun hairstyle by half tying her hair in a bun. 

Braided Hair

Janhvi Kapoor looks best in every outfit, whether ethnic or western. For instance, take this loose braided hairstyle. 

Center Parted Sleek Low Ponytail

Maintaining a sleek low ponytail can be tough but now for Janhvi Kapoor. 

Center Parted Low Bun

If anyone wants to style a center-parted low bun, they can take inspiration from the Janhvi Kapoor hairstyle. 

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