Trisha Krishnans beauty secret

Trisha Krishnans beauty secret

Beauty Secrets

Even after ruling the silver screens for more than 2 decades, Trisha Krishnan continues to charm her way into our hearts<

Radiant Skin

Her radiant skin speaks for itself and leaves little room for makeup, making her naturally stunning

You are what you eat!

The diva is super strict about her diet, and keenly watches what she eats. She tries to go for a healthy and nutritious diet

No Junk Food

The actress carries home cooked meals with her on sets and strictly avoids eating junk food

Starting the day on a healthy note!

She starts her day on a healthy note with a cup of green tea or a glass of warm water with a few drops of lemon in it

Vitamin C

The Nayaki star swears by the health benefits of Vitamin C and makes sure to include Vitamin C rich food in her health routine

Citrus Fruits

The stunner tries to include a fruit bowl with lots of lemons, oranges, and other citrus fruits in her diet

A regular at the gym

She tries to be a regular at the gym, and also opts for cardio workouts from time to time

Lockdown Diaries

The southern beauty also made the most of the Coronavirus lockdown and used a large part of her free time working out

Keeping it natural

Trisha also makes sure to keep her skin naturally glowing, making makeup an option, and not a necessity

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